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Free New Guide to Getting Better Service and Value for Money from Your IT Support Company

February 08 2013

Seeking Better IT Support Services?

Grant McGregor Ltd has published a new guide to help businesses and organisations get more from their IT – better service levels and better value for their money!

Many people are starting to shop-around for better IT service now but find it hard to compare IT providers. The last thing they want to do is jump out of the frying pan and into the fire!

That’s where this new guide offers valuable insight – it shows business owners and managers how to pinpoint and eliminate some of the more commonly-made IT Support mistakes and also to get the best quality of IT Support service that their organisations need and deserve.

It also reveals the secrets of defining exactly what it is that busy managers want from their IT Support provider and shows them how to ensure they get better support to get more out of their IT systems and avoid the frequent ‘churn’ of IT suppliers that can easily scupper IT stability.

This 16-page guide is free and also shows you how to systematically create an IT outsourcing plan to select the right IT Support partner that saves time, effort and money – and above all pain!

If you find yourself stuck with an IT support supplier that’s now too small, poor quality or uncaring, this free outsourcing guide will show you what key elements to look for in a potential new IT provider to ensure you don’t leap into that fire!

Plus much, much more!

To request your free copy of the guide, complete our simple online form here IT Support Guide or call 0131 603 7910.