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Seven Great New Offerings Contained In Office 365 Cloud Services

May 05 2015


Microsoft Office 365 is currently one of the leading Cloud services on the market and with good reason; it boasts fantastic features and Microsoft’s dedication to Cloud security is unrivalled.

We wrote back in November that Office 365 offers unlimited Cloud storage, but in this article we’ve shared seven great new offerings found in the Office 365 Cloud Services package.


1. Increased Email Size to 150MB

Microsoft has decided to give its customers the freedom to choose the maximum size setting when sending emails. Since its launch, the maximum size of email attachments that could be sent was 25 MB. There is no longer a one-size-fits all setting. Office 365 customers can now set the limit to suit their needs.

Some customers would like to see the size decreased, others would like it increased and many would not like any changes made to it whatsoever. With this in mind, Microsoft will still keep the default message size at 25 MB but it will allow Office 365 administrators the ability to change the maximum message size to anything between 1 MB and 150 MB.

This will see the end of error messages for customers who regularly send large email attachments such as videos, spreadsheets and large slide decks.


2. Office 365 Management Activity API

Microsoft has also introduced the Office 365 Management Activity API to help clients audit how their organisations are using the Cloud services. The Office 365 Management Activity API uses data obtained from the RESTful API to show users who’s doing what and with whose data in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Azure Activity Directory. Customer Lockbox activity can also be made available through this interface.


3. Per-file encryption

Recently Microsoft introduced the Per-file encryption tool as a way to increase customers’ trust in Office 365. Per-file encryption, as the name suggests, encrypts every single file stored in SharePoint. Each file saved on OneDrive and SharePoint online is encrypted with its own 100% unique encrypted key. It also encrypts each update to the file with additional unique keys. This level of encryption greatly reduces the chances of unauthorised access to businesses’ content.


4. DLP

Microsoft has expanded the DLP (data loss prevention) capabilities of its Office 365 Cloud services, helping clients to protect their data no matter where it is stored and shared within the Cloud services.

Since early this year, IT administrators have been able to centrally enforce and manage their own DLP policies across the Cloud services and applications from the Office 365 compliance centre. This ensures that end users understand what is happening and have access to real time policy tips.


5. CoAuthoring

Using Office 365, everyone can edit the same document at the same time in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The changes take place in real time, allowing users to see who is making them. The CoAuthoring feature prevents users from having to upload and download email attachments and gives them the opportunity to work collaboratively, no matter where they’re located.


6. Multi-party HD video conferencing

With Office 365’s Multi-party HD video conferencing feature, you can host online meetings wherever you are in the world. You’ll never miss an important meeting ever again and what’s even better is there will be no travel time or costs involved!

The HD video conferencing software can be used by up to 250 people at one time. It’s a smart way to share information across multiple locations and allows team members to stay informed.


7. 365 availability

Finally, Office 365 Cloud Services offer 365 availability. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the office or on the go, you will still have access to top of the range productivity tools. With access to the latest versions of Office applications, you can create, edit and share documents from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet with any of your colleagues in real time.

With so many great features, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are using Office 365. For more information about Microsoft Office 365 and other Cloud services, get in touch with Grant McGregor today.

Office 365 comes with a wide range of features that can benefit all businesses.

Image credit: Diannaa