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Why Centralised Data is Important and the Steps to Take to Protect Your Data

November 14 2016

Are you one of the many people who still store their important data and documents locally on your computer as opposed to on a central server?

You’re not alone, millions of people do.

But have you got a disaster recovery plan in place should the very worst happen? What happens if your hard drive fails or your laptop is stolen? What would you do if Ransomware encrypted all of your precious personal and work related data rendering it inaccessible and unusable?


Risks of local data storage

If your data gets destroyed, stolen lost or damaged and the data is stored on a central server then you can breathe a sigh of relief, you’re covered and any deleted data can be recovered. However, if your data is saved on your desktop, or My Documents then you run the risk of being unable to restore it.

How devastated would you be to lose pictures of your children, parents and other family members and events that will never be replaced? How devastating would it be to your business if you lost business data, accounting information, customer, employee or supplier records?

Could you live without the family photos, personal and business data on your home laptop or device if disaster struck or theft occurred?


Impact of loss of data

Have you ever actually taken time to sat down and consider the cost of losing your business data and the impact that would have for you and your clients? Aside from confidentiality issues, the impact of losing business sensitive information could lose you clients and ultimately have a massive adverse effect on your business and your job. Make no mistake, loss of data can be catastrophic in many ways.


Avoiding data loss

It’s all so avoidable and it can be so easy to take steps on a regular basis to set in motion a regular and automated backup plan. One of the most fool-proof ways of backing up is to use a centralised cloud based system where you can automatically back up your data as and when it is created. Using a central online storage system will provide a seamless back up of your computer’s storage so that in the event of any catastrophic hard drive failure you will be able to recover an image of your computer’s hard drive and restore it immediately.


Easy collaboration & version control

Putting a backup plan in place means you’ll have no more sleepless nights wondering what if, and you’ll be able to work safe in the knowledge that your personal or business data is safe and can be recovered in the event of an external hacking attacking, virus infection, or hard drive failure.


Compliance with Data Protection Legislation

Backing up to a third party central storage system will also help you avoid any issues relating to Data Protection legislation. It’s important to be aware that if you fail to keep your data safe and protected you maybe unwittingly contravening the 1998 Data Protection Act which states that personal data must be held safely and securely.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and consider other tasks more important, it could and may happen to you that you could suffer a catastrophic data failure and lose all or most of your data. Why take that risk, when it is so easy to prevent?


It’s not too late to protect your data

Lots of people are now wishing they’d taken action to prevent their catastrophic loss of data. Some of these are private individuals who have suffered the incalculable loss of personal photographs.  It could happen to you too. We know too many individuals and small businesses to whom it has. People who’ve lost precious photographic memories, music or sensitive business data all of which can never be restored and is gone forever.

Losing data is also more traumatic when you don’t know exactly what you’ve lost.

Moreover, you can run the risk of your electronic “identity” being stolen and will face the trauma of having to change your security details to all your accounts to protect yourself.

To avoid a disaster involving your data, take action and give yourself peace of mind today.

For a simple cost-effective solution to ensure you can protect, back up and recover your data with ease contact Grant McGregor on 0131 603 7910.