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Our IT Predictions for 2018

What has 2018 got in store for the small business manager in terms of IT?

Grant McGregor gazes into the crystal ball to give you the heads up…

Should You Be Using Microsoft Teams?

Office 365 offers huge benefits to SMBs in terms of simplifying and saving on essential IT services. However, in many businesses, it isn’t being used to its full potential.

In this blog, we take a look at Microsoft Teams, a key element of Office 365, and ask: should you be using Microsoft Teams?

Embracing Disruptive Technology

‘Disruptive technology’ refers to technology which significantly alters the way in which a business operates. Many view emerging technology as presenting both opportunities and threats.

Within this article we are going to look at 5 key disruptive technologies, and how in general they might be embraced as a positive, rather than a negative force…

Protect your Business, your Clients and your Supply Chain with the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Security Standard

Cybercrime and attacks on businesses large and small is increasing at a rapid rate yet 80% of cyber-attacks could be prevented or reduced if businesses put these simple cyber security controls in place!

Discover how to protect your Business, your Clients and your Supply Chain with the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials standard.

Are You Adequately Testing your Backup and Recovery Plans?

Sadly, too many UK businesses fail to have adequate disaster recovery plans in place. But, even if you have solid backup and recovery plans, are you sure that they work? How can you improve your routines and test them regularly to make sure they will work to plan when you need them most?

Strategies for Surviving a Cyber Attack

Another month, another high-profile attack… or so it seems at the moment.  Organisations of all kinds and sizes need to think seriously about cyber security.

As recent incidents at Talk Talk and Equifax demonstrate, poor cyber security and poor incident responses can lead to serious reputational damage.

We look at strategies for surviving a cyber-attack…

Trick or Treat? What sort of service do you get from your IT provider?

Last month we talked about our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) feedback results – why we have it, what results we’ve been getting and what we can take from it. Earlier this month (October) we received our 1000th piece of customer feedback!

What sort of feedback you would give your current IT service provider? Does their service feel like more of a trick than a treat..?

Protect Your Business from Insider Attacks

When we discuss cyber-attacks it often refers to those that come from the outside, however, the reality is that insider attacks can be just as disruptive to both business operations, and organisational reputation.

Insider attacks typically lead to corporate data breaches and identifying high risk employees first, and then strategies to reduce the risk, are both important…