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3 Ways a Small & Medium Business (SMB) Can Benefit From YouTube Content Marketing

May 08 2017

In today’s market, it can be very difficult for SMBs to stand out.

It is not uncommon for SMBs to find themselves swallowed amongst the mass of business across their diverse market. So, in today’s market your content marketing strategy needs to be somewhat unique in order to get your brand out there. For the astute SMB, there is no better option than YouTube content marketing.

With YouTube, SMBs can take a leading role in producing content that resonates with their potential customers. Rather than simply advertising your services, YouTube will encourage you to actively engage your customer’s attention. In addition, the viewers that you build up on YouTube will leave you in a strong position to start or build a social media campaign on other platforms.

The best part about YouTube content marketing is that it’s free. You don’t need to pay for your channel, and you don’t need to pay to upload videos so its up to you to make content that gets viewers through the door! Thousands of companies around the world have made use of YouTube to drive them to the next level.

Below are the top three ways that SMBs can benefit from YouTube content marketing.


1. Creating an Audience

There is no simpler, more direct way to engage your audience than through video content. Video marketing can take your brand into another dimension. One of the best parts of committing to a content marketing strategy on YouTube is that your value offering will shine through. Rather than simply saying what your brand has to offer, or describing some features, you’ll be able to show and easily explain the benefits.

One great example of a company captivating an audience on YouTube comes in the form of GoPro’s video ‘Frozen Kitten Lives’ where a near frozen kitten is nursed back to health. Rather than focusing on their technical equipment, GoPro simply captured an emotion-driven story to capture the attention of viewers.

Such a video is illustrative that if you put time in to create well thought-out, enjoyable videos, your content has the potential to go viral. By simply provoking the emotions of your viewers, this can lead to your video being shared all across social media sites.


2. Becoming an Authority

On a related note, if you provide worthwhile information on your area of expertise you are likely to establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

Rather than attempting to sell to customers it is often much more effective to simply help answer their likely questions. If your YouTube channel answers customer issues with products or services and provides suitable solutions, then customers are much more likely to trust your brand and your company.

By implementing customer marketing you’ll be able to position yourself as a trusted company amongst the competition. Video marketing content through YouTube enables SMBs to present reasons why customers should invest in your brand. Crucially, customers are looking to invest and trust in a brand as much as buying your physical products.


3. Social Media Gateway

Not only is YouTube a valuable content marketing tool, it is, in of itself, a social network.

Not only can you post your videos, you can also subscribe and communicate with other channels. All the while, viewers can comment, like, favorite and subscribe to your content. If this wasn’t enough, YouTube offers a high level of integration with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In practice, this means that you can easily share your content on other high traffic sites. By producing YouTube content you can take the lead in drawing up the basics of a content and social media-marketing plan. You’ll be able to use your YouTube content to build your brand profile on Facebook and Twitter, increasing the number of potential customers for your business.


YouTube Can Help You to Create New Audiences

Fundamentally, YouTube helps SMBs to expand and create new audiences that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

Well thought out and enjoyable YouTube content captivates audiences, and with a viewer total of over a billion, there’s an unprecedented number of viewers in reach of your brand.
For driven SMBs, YouTube offers a great opportunity to be able to circulate a brand to users across the world, and all the while free of charge. You do, however, need to put in the time to create and post relevant video content and encourage it to be shared across many social platforms.


Do you have any examples of how you are already using video? Or any ideas of how you could use it to advise or be the authority in your specific space? Send us your thoughts via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter – or better still, send us your feedback as a video!


Image source: Pexels