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Is it Time for an IT Spring Clean?

The life of an IT manager can often feel like a thankless task. Staying on top of daily and weekly tasks can be difficult when problems and projects shift your focus away from basic housekeeping.

Could it be time for an IT spring clean in your business?

How the GDPR can help to re-establish a great relationship with your customers.

The GDPR is a big leap in data protection legislation and with the ruling applicable across the whole of Europe, we are finally bridging the gap between our digital identities and the law. From retaining your marketing channels to the legal and financial implications of future possible mistakes, from accounting and payroll to recruiting processing and HR, the GDPR will affect everything.
It sounds daunting when you present it in these terms, doesn’t it?

So, before feeling overwhelmed with abstract legislation and how much hard work this will surely be, we want to position the GDPR in a way that it should make it worth the extra meetings.

The Dangers of Over-Sharing Online

What happens when the dangers of oversharing online cross into the professional realm?

It’s true that some bosses think that checking your social media accounts is just due diligence these days. But it isn’t just potential employers of whom you need to be wary. There is a criminal risk too. Hackers and criminals are employing increasingly sophisticated and targeted attack vectors – meaning that oversharing on social media can expose the organisation to malware, spear phishing attacks, ransomware and other nasties…

Best Practice Password Security

Passwords have an important role to play in any organisation’s cyber security – whether to protect user access to applications, data or email.

So what should organisations be doing to ensure that the passwords and password policies being used are up to scratch?