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GDPR – the end of the beginning…

Well, unlike some predicted, the sky did not actually fall in last Friday on 25th May when GDPR came into enforcement in UK law. But some significant changes did come into play that should not be ignored.
Some people (probably those buried up to their necks in sand) are sick and tired of GDPR by now and relieved that this is the end of it.

But is it the end? Or merely the beginning?

GDPR, Outsourcing and Third-Party Data – What you need to know before the sky falls in this Friday!

The business world is jittering in anticipation of May 25th, with marketing, payroll, HR, sales and IT departments all working diligently to make sure their own data protection policies meet the new Europe-wide legislative standard.

But beyond your internal processes, how else can you ensure that your business won’t find itself open to a data breach as we fast approach the deadline?

When is the best time to replace your IT equipment?

Like any other equipment, computer and IT equipment will eventually become less reliable. And given our reliance on our computer equipment, this can cause significant issues for a small business – including lost data and lost productivity.

What can small businesses do to mitigate these risks?

How Can Technology Make Home Working More Productive?

Flexible working practices have been shown to be a key driver for employee engagement productivity.

But are these productivity gains offset by the loss in productivity when workers leave the office to work remotely – at home or elsewhere?