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Don’t Rely on Ethics: Protecting Your Company When You Need to Let Someone Go

When it comes down to it, letting an employee go is never pleasant. Anger, confusion and even tears are all possibilities if the process isn’t well organised, professionally executed, and respectful to everyone involved.But there are more damaging outcomes when an employee leaves feeling disgruntled because a termination is badly handled.

Going beyond the standard, here are the small ways to avoid big problems when it comes to company technology and termination…

Should You be Switching to Office 365?

Microsoft Office is a staple for most organisations with office-based staff. In 2011 Microsoft launched Office 365 – a new way of delivering Office products to its customers. Office 365 is an umbrella term which covers the new, updated version of all Microsoft Office applications and also a range of different cloud-based software.

Find out more about O365 and why you should be using it…

Getting the Best

Getting the best from your people is a delicate and multi-faceted issue – spanning recruitment, team-building, collaboration, management styles, flexible working options, benefits and rewards.

However, the single most important factor in whether your team is reaching its full potential is the investment you make in them…

Computer Says: User Error

Just how many support calls get logged every year? And how many of those support calls aren’t indicative of an IT error – but could have been avoided by improved user training or ongoing coaching?

Can we improve these stats as part of the on-boarding process?