Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

With organisations under more pressure than ever to protect their customers’ data, and more and more information being stored digitally, Grant McGregor takes a look at encryption and the possibilities it offers to help small businesses protect their data.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Efficiency in Your Business

One of the biggest advantages of technology is its ability to help us accomplish tasks more efficiently. It’s easier than ever for business owners to find ways to increase efficiency and communicate more freely with customers and those within their own organisation.

Here are 5 ways you can use technology to increase efficiency in your business…

The Right to Be Forgotten – Ongoing Challenges of Data Privacy

The GDPR compliance deadline has come and gone so what will the ongoing impact of this look like going forward?

One of the main challenges we are seeing is in the correct handling of Article 17, or ‘the right to be forgotten’. The written legislation sounds straightforward enough, however, the right to erasure needs careful consideration before being put into practice…

Secure Yourself this Summer! How to Holiday with Peace of Mind

IT security is probably the last thing you think of when you’re about to jet off on holiday. Sun, sea and sangria are probably higher up your agenda than worms, trojans and spear-phishing.

However, it’s important to heed the warnings and ensure that your high holiday spirit doesn’t leave you vulnerable to IT security concerns.

6 Tips for Developing an IT Refresh Strategy for Mid-Size Businesses

Managing your IT estate always comes down to balancing the sometimes-contradictory forces of budget and performance. There can be little appetite to upgrade when things seem to be ticking along, however, the risk of not replacing aging hardware comes with its own financial risk.

An effective IT Refresh strategy is an important balancing bar in this difficult act…