Monthly Archives: February 2019

Passwords: Can we live without them?

Today, passwords form one of the major cornerstones of our digital era, providing us with peace of mind in almost everything we do, locking down our internet banking accounts, credit cards, mobile phones and our laptops in order to keep personal data secure.

The problem with this is that we end up with so many different passwords for so many things.

Wouldn’t a future where we didn’t have to remember a huge list of passwords be truly incredible?

Windows Server 2008 R2 Approaching End of Life

Are you still using Windows Server 2008 R2 within your business IT environment? If so, it’s time to start planning a migration strategy as the server technology approaches its end of life.

We’ve covered the withdrawal of support for Windows 7 in an earlier post. Here, we are going to take a look at what businesses need to do to respond to the Windows Server 2008 challenge.

Urgent Call to Action if You Are Using Windows 7

Are you using the Windows 7 operating system on your PCs and laptops? If so, it is time to take action and start planning an upgrade to Windows 10.

We’re now less than a year away from the date that Microsoft will stop providing free support for Windows 7.