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The (Free) First Step to Better IT!

Many business owners and IT-decision makers find themselves spending too much of their valuable time dealing with staff technology problems and continually looking for work-arounds to the IT issues. They would much rather be focused on growing their business efficiently, helping their customers and keeping ahead of the competition.

In this article we share ‘Step One’ of our free guide ‘The 5 Key Steps to an Effective IT Strategy That Helps You Drive Profits’.

Office 365 Popularity Grows…as does its potential vulnerability

Since its introduction, Microsoft’s Office suite products have clearly been the tools of choice for most of the world’s businesses.

The online subscription version – Office 365 – vastly improved the user experience and arguably the affordability of these critical software apps. Office 365 is a rightly popular, brilliant, piece of software that we highly recommend but the rise of adoption appears to be in line with that of security compromise according to a recent report published by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)…

Are You Doing Enough on Mobile Device Security?

We all want to do our best to keep our corporate data and systems safe. Each year, organisations invest millions in firewalls, anti-virus software, training and patching programmes. But how much of this is directed at mobile devices?

In this article, Grant McGregor consultants consider the bare minimum you should be doing to protect and secure the mobile devices you and your users are carrying wherever you go.

How setting up SOPs can help you deal with IT points of failure

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) covering your core technology is valuable even within a small business. It will save you a lot of stress when having to deal with critical events and help your team when having to think and act under pressure. Moreover, setting up proactive actions will help you avoid such stressful situations to begin with.

Here are some key tips to follow when looking at your SOPs and points to consider if your current operating procedures are lacking or need to be rebooted…