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Doubling up: why two-factor authentication is your next step in digital security

As we continue to do even more online, the safety of our digital information has become as important as locking our front door. With all companies at seemingly equal risk of being targeted by cyber-attacks or data leaks, we are collectively doing more to protect our online information, both at work and at home.

So, if you want to add a way to protect your data even further, then it may well be time to enable two-factor authentication – also called two-step verification, or 2FA.

Outlook – Cloudy

We recently published an article relating to email and the evolution of cybercrime and another referring to the rising popularity of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and the growing security risks associated with it.

We think carefully about the ideas we want to share with our readers and thought it a good idea to publish another piece that consolidated those two articles – not just to be smart but more as a reminder that progression, whilst usually a good thing, can sometimes mean that the more basic things are forgotten or no longer considered necessary.

Are Your Websites and Applications Secure?

What are you doing to secure your business website and other web applications used in your business? If you run local browser (web) applications, they are probably secured with a variety of techniques, including firewalls, regular patching and network monitoring.

But what happens when you are accessing web applications over the Internet? How are you ensuing your employees’ use of them is secure?

From Spam to Phish – Cyber Crime on a Plate

Email – love or hate it as a form of communication, it touches most of us everyday and shows no signs of going away. But with email comes the risk of spam messages and the sophisticated phishing.

So how do we prevent this as best we can? With education and training. Read this article to find out more…