Monthly Archives: August 2019

15 Quick Tips for Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online isn’t just a message we need to share with our kids. We all need to stay abreast of the latest scams and dangers so we can stay safe.

We might think we know how to protect ourselves online, but gaining this knowledge isn’t a one-time job. The threat landscape is constantly evolving and so must our knowledge of it.

On the Blacklist

The National Cyber Security Centre says maintaining a password blacklist is an essential part of good password security.

We take a look at what should be on your blacklist and how to go about enforcing it.

Attention: How You’re Being Researched by Cyber Criminals

We might think we know about the perils of social media: distraction from real life, difficulty switching off, anxiety, FOMO (fear of missing out) and heightened stress.

But this misses perhaps the most dangerous peril: the use of the information you share by cyber criminals who want to target you.

What Can We Learn from the Eurofins Ransomware Case?

The largest private forensics provider in the UK has paid a ransom to hackers after its IT systems were compromised by a cyber-attack.

Is this the new normal? And what can businesses learn from the Eurofins experience?