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Why Email Filtering is More Important than Ever

Email poses perhaps the greatest risk for organisations in terms of cyber security.

Clicking on a bad link or downloading malware delivered by email is a constant risk. So why aren’t organisations putting enough effort into their main line of defence?

Which type of IT support is best for your business?

So much of the IT activity we all undertake is reactive – often it takes a malware attack to prompt us to upgrade our security software or a broken hard drive to make us think seriously about backups.

Which is exactly why your IT approach shouldn’t be reactive. Find out more in this article…

The 10 Phishing Red Flags Your People Need to Know About Right Now

Phishing is the most pernicious type of cyber-attack. While you can stop some phishing attempts with your security tools, it’s almost inevitable that some will reach their intended targets.

This means educating your people has to be a key plank in any phishing defence strategy.

Calling Last Orders on Windows 7!

The Windows 7 operating system was launched by Microsoft on October 22, 2009, and there remain many people and organisations in the UK who are using it. If you’re one of them, you need to act now to upgrade before it goes out of support on January 14 next year.