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Why SMEs Should Get Expert Help with Cyber Security

Cyber security is a complex topic, so it is essential to get expert help.

As a result, and particularly for SMEs, it is better to find an experienced IT partner than to try to do it all in house.

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Data?

Concern over cyber threats has hit an all-time high, with a recent global cyber risk perception survey finding that 79% of organisations now rank cyber risk as a top-five concern.
While concern might be high, this isn’t necessarily translating into action.

PwC’s 2018 Global State of Information Security survey found that only 51% of executives have an accurate inventory of employee and customer personal data.

Which leaves us pondering: are companies doing enough to protect their data?

Why Are Software Updates (or Patches) So Important?

Software updates (or patching) is familiar to us all. We’ll update the apps on our mobile phones with some regularity and the same should apply to all the software applications we use on all devices we use.

Unfortunately, we find that many businesses are still using out of date or older versions of the software they use daily.

Want to Get Back to Doing Your Day-Job?

“IT Support is not in my job description” “There’s a queue of IT problems at my door each day”

Whilst speaking with SME business owners, Finance Directors and other IT decision-makers at initial prospect meetings, I am increasingly hearing statements like these.

What is particularly interesting is that the people who say these things are usually outsourcing their IT to a third-party IT support business or Managed Service Provider – so why do they say and experience these things when they are paying good money to someone else to take care of them?