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A Question of Quality

How do I know my IT projects will be delivered on-time, on-budget and just as importantly address my specific needs?

Firstly, we find that we’re somewhat unique in listening to and probing our clients’ IT needs fully before we begin any project. This hugely important step ensures we truly understand not just what our clients are trying to achieve but also why they need to do it. The project goals are then agreed before any solutions or actions are taken – makes sure we’re all on the same page from the outset!

Subsequently, we map out all the actions, steps, timescales and risks involved in successfully delivering that project as a shared project plan. This plan transparently displays everything involved including all milestones, any disruptions the system or users might encounter and all budget lines and costs. Once agreed, the project commences and both parties work to this plan – not slavishly as a degree of flexibility lends itself to success – but if any necessary changes or delays are going to impact on timescale or budget, we explain why and get agreement first. During this project delivery phase, we find that communication is king. Not too much as our clients don’t want to be burdened by minutiae, but enough to keep everyone in the loop about important milestones or issues.

After each IT project is completed to the client’s satisfaction and signed off by them, we undertake a robust internal review process to see what we’ve learned or might have done better. We call this TEFCAS project review our ‘formula for success’; it’s short for Trial, Event, Feedback, Check, Adjust and Success. It basically ensures we keep doing the good bits but learn and adjust from any unexpected steps we encountered and had to resolve.

No person or company can be 100% error-free but our goal is to always aim for the stars by constantly adjusting and improving. See more about our IT Service Delivery here or read some of our clients’ experiences here of our successful project delivery for them.

Will I be treated differently after the honeymoon is over or after my IT Service contract is signed?

All of our customers are equally important to us – and not just for the first few months. Many of our IT Support clients have been with us for over 10 years even when they’ve reviewed us against the market every now and again. Perhaps that’s because we still treat them with the same respect and care that we did on day one.

It could also be because each client is provided with a dedicated technical account manager to make sure the shine stays on. You see, we take the view that it’s everyone’s responsibility at Grant McGregor to make sure our clients want to remain with us for the long-term. And they do.

Our IT support clients have been incredibly loyal to us and our client retention rate is way higher than the industry standard. But if you’re still anxious that, by switching your IT support to us, you might be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, we offer every client a risk-free, money-back service guarantee. You can find out more about our guaranteed service here.

How do you make sure my IT problems get dealt with on-time, every time and never get lost?

We’ve invested our money and considerable time in putting in place truly effective, purpose-built IT Service Management Systems. We made a deliberate choice to invest in a more expensive but more rigorous and proven solution that covers call-logging, case management, Service-Level tracking & management plus project delivery and management. And does so fabulously well.

It’s a very flexible system that works in almost any way that we and our clients need it to and provides powerful, transparent reporting that enables our clients to track and monitor all of the work we’re doing for them, every ticket, every project and to see exactly how we’re performing for them against our service level agreement.

We’ve certainly found this to be significantly better than trying to make-do with an in-house, do-it-yourself call logging system and then trying to tailor it to our customers’ way of working. See what our clients think about our IT service reliability and responsiveness here in our client testimonials.

A Question of Value

How can I trust you to provide the correct solution at the right price?

Simply put, because we listen to you!

You’ll always be provided with appropriate advice and given options that suit your specific needs and your budget – not ours.

You can buy your IT equipment through us or from your own preferred suppliers – but we’ll ensure you specify the right things that’ll work so that you don’t waste your money. See what our clients have to say about our integrity and our value-for-money.

How do you ensure my IT requirements are met within my budget?

You’ll never be provided with a ‘one-size fits all’ solution because we would not like that ourselves. Because Grant McGregor doesn’t just work with one, single preferred IT supplier or distributor and we’re not tied to using only one manufacturer, this allows us to source the most appropriate solution for you, whilst our serious buying power enables us to do so at the best possible price.

If you’re looking to improve your IT system, procure new IT solutions or upgrade some of your ageing IT hardware and software then give us the opportunity to quote for you – you’ll be amazed at how much we can save you and how much added-value help you’ll get along the way.

We are seeking better IT support services but we only have a modest IT budget – your service sounds better but also sounds more expensive. Can you provide a balanced price for my IT needs?

Our IT support services are certainly not the cheapest you could buy but clients tell us that our high quality services are also surprisingly affordable. Why not give us the chance to listen to you first to understand your IT service needs. Then we’ll offer you the best service options we can.

We work with all sorts of clients and end-users from one-man bands to large 1000+ employee enterprises – and they include PLCs, micro-businesses, SMEs, large public bodies and small not-for-profit organisations. As such we’ve tailored affordable services to suit all. Check out some of the people we work with here.

A Question of Service

How can you guarantee we are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

We genuinely care about all of our customers and want to help them with any IT issues that they may have.

If you want more evidence – we’ve met 100% of all of our SLA targets since May 2012 – on all service tickets. And end-users surveys from support cases in 2012 showed 100% satisfaction with an average service score of 23 out of 25 – or 92%. The lowest score – a not too shabby 20/25 or 80%.

Still not convinced? Find out from other people that have jumped from the frying pan into our safe hands.

Read some client experiences here


Request our free IT Service guide that explains how to get great service and value for money from any IT Service Provider.

How are you different from all the other IT service and solution providers?

At Grant McGregor, we’ve been providing IT services for well over 10 years now (though many of our staff has worked in IT for longer than that) and so we’ve learnt a few things!

Our service is built around the principles of consistently delivering professional, friendly, effective, responsive and, importantly, transparent service. It’s reinforced by high-quality technology people who genuinely want to help you.

And we keep on learning. Because especially in our industry, there’s a rapid pace of change so we need to maintain open minds to provide the best possible advice on IT that’s appropriate to our clients’ needs.

Find out some reasons we’d like you to consider us here.

How do I discern that your service is better than the service I have or had before?

Changing IT support provider is a huge step but we are so confident that our service is more responsive, more reliable and less hassle for you that we offer you a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy.

Let us talk to you first to see if we’re a good match for each other and able to meet your specific needs. Then you can try us out without any risk and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

A Question of People

What makes your people different from all the other IT people out there?

We work very hard to recruit personable, affable people who are experts with IT but who can also empathise with others. This is preferable to seeking out techy geeks who live for IT and just love machines. Our people share some valuable people-skills but they complement each other well with their technical specialisms, experience and expertise.

Of greater importance, perhaps, our people work hard to become an integral part of their clients’ teams and to earn the trust of their clients and their end-users. For our whole team, our company ethics and guiding principles underpin all that we do at Grant McGregor – because honesty and fairness is important to everyone.

You can find out more about the Grant McGregor difference here.

My current support provider’s people are decent enough folk – it’s just the service their company provides overall that’s not. How do your people stack-up?

Technically-speaking we are, of course, in the IT service business. But really we find our support work is more about people than machines. We believe in hard work and respect for others, backed-up by clear and honest communication.

As do all of our team. But most importantly, we are a team. So, we work together as a company for your common good. You can meet our team here or better still, why not meet us in person?