Meet the people

Meet the people

Grant McGregor IT ScotlandAt Grant McGregor we are, as they say, all about people.

But who is this person, Grant McGregor?

Well, Grant McGregor is both no-one and everyone. As a symbol of how important people are to us, the company is actually named after the founders’ respective mothers. So it’s a real family business!

Having our mothers’ maiden names (Grant and McGregor) up there reminds us and everyone who works here that honesty, integrity and a welcoming, approachable nature are at the heart of all that we do.

Plus, like our mothers, we like to lavish real care on everyone that’s part of our ‘family’ – be they our clients, suppliers or staff.

If you’d like to know more about our the respective skills of our team, just click on their names on the left hand side here and see how their attitude and skills can help you.

Whether you’re interested in joining us as a new client, supplier or member of staff, we’d love to hear from you today. Give us a call on 0131 603 7910.