David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence is one of Grant McGregor’s two Founding Directors and is one of our Senior IT Consultants.  He is responsible for developing and maintaining high quality customer service and implementing new technology developments.  Other shared company responsibilities include business management and strategy.

Prior to founding Grant McGregor, David was IT Manager of a Scottish Professional Body, where he was responsible for the support and development of all IT Systems.  David was also part of the Senior Management Team of an Edinburgh-based  IT services company, integrally involved in establishing a Microsoft agenda  to allow the business to migrate and support Microsoft Windows Networks.  He also implemented service processes to enable far more effective customer service.

During David’s 26 year career in IT, he has worked with a complete range of organisations: large multi-nationals; public sector bodies; education users; SMEs; and one man outfits.

No matter who he’s been working with, David has always had the same passionate focus on delivering great customer service, value for money, and enabling companies to achieve their objectives through IT.  During his time he has been responsible for: implementing large wide area Windows domains across the UK; upgrading and replacing network servers; installing and configuring complicated network devices; and helping clients get the best from their IT equipment.

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Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of some service you recently provided to a client that made them more than happy. More than usual…
Last year we were asked to provide a complete advisory and coordination service to one of our clients, Scotia Homes, to help them prepare for a major technology refresh. Myself and our team had to couple together and manage lots of different logistic parts covering telecoms, photocopying, cabling and of course GM for the IT bit of Server, Networking and PCs etc. It was quite challenging but also exciting and fulfilling.

The evening it went live was great – watching staff move seamlessly from the old technology as if nothing had changed with their (new) phones all working, their (new) PCs all working, printing all working, photocopying all working. They had this brand-new infrastructure and it all worked.

It was a really good feeling to see that all the time and effort had worked, and Scotia Homes feedback was excellent. The management there had been able to get on with all the other key aspects of the move without worrying about any of the technology side of things – just as it should be!

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?
It’s really difficult to pick just one film and one of the other guys picked probably my favourite film of all time The Elephant Man. However, I would readily pick another that made a great impact on me. I’d go for Se7en. Great acting, the filming, the music, the premise of the film – kept you guessing right to the end. It’s a very dark film visually, so much in there – but amazingly entertaining.

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
Stand-up comedy – especially live – from the likes of Billy Connolly, Peter Kay, Lee Evans and Eddie Izzard. Observational humour – it’s their ability to take something everyday (or something tragic) and make it humorous. Mix that with their physical attributes and that gives me incredible belly laughs!

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1,000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?
Being a parent now for some 8 years, I’d kindly ask her grandparents to look after my daughter for the week. Then my wife and I would head to London, share a fine meal or two, take in the theatre, musicals, comedy etc and just enjoy each other’s company for a week. Lovely. My option two would be a week’s outdoor experience with all the family, with the odd hill scrambled and some whisky sampled.

Give us one reason that you enjoy (or put up with) working for GM?
I love the fact that we’ve created a team at GM – a team able to work individually and independently who come to us for guidance but who have enough confidence to work on their own initiative. I love working for myself and, though I work harder than I ever have, it’s more meaningful and the more I put in, the more I get out. But mostly, I love the thought of creating something which makes a difference to help others – not like doctors, nurses or firemen – but providing a service to really help. Sure, it’s a paid-for service but I think it comes across to all of our clients that we do actually love what we do.