Having left university in 2012 with a BSc Computing, John then worked at Edinburgh Airport for 4 years. However, he desired to work in a job which matched his qualifications so found some voluntary work at the Western General Hospital. His work involved the installation of PCs and as this was going well, he was then taken on with a contractor to continue carrying out the job until the contract expired in 2016.

John came to Grant McGregor through Intowork – an Edinburgh-based employment support service for disabled job-seekers – in 2016, starting off as a volunteer Service Desk Support Assistant before being taken on as a full time employee in early 2017. John’s passion for all things IT as well as his drive and work ethic make him a fantastic and important part of the GM team. Find out more about John’s story here.

Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of something positive you’ve learned from working in IT…

Ever since my first experience with computers as a child when I could type letters to friends and relatives without having to change so much as a name on the document for printing, I knew something would come of these newfound skills. I learned throughout school and university on the subject and even went ahead building my own machine from custom parts. With everyday advancement of technology, you need to keep up to date on things.

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?

Not much in the sense as I tend to take my position here seriously. Outside of work, Media I grew up with seems to be lacking as I find newer works to be difficult to enjoy. It really must stand out for me but then again, I may have more in common with others than I realise.

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?

Don’t always have time for films unless something special comes up. Currently following the Marvel films and may see them to the end.

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?

It would be better to invest the money in a savings account for the future as recent experience implies the markets are volatile. Though I guess I could be put towards something to make getting around easier say an electric bike. I do like to travel abroad and find that you learn a great deal about the world around you, something that seems to elude people these days.

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next 5 years.

A stable position within IT as that is what I’ve been working towards for most of my life. I must put my best foot forward for myself and the company.

Give us one reason that you wanted to work with GM…

Wanting to advance my career in IT I found that I must find my footing in reputable companies and what better than this one? The transport links to and from the office are decent as well so that our clients we serve are taken care of too.