Jon Towers

Jon Towers

Jon Towers is one of two Founding Directors at Grant McGregor and is responsible for client communications, commercial strategy and new business development. It’s important to Jon that all communications benefit our existing and future clients.  Shared directorial responsibilities include overall business management and strategy.

Prior to Grant McGregor, Jon was a Director of a Scottish website monitoring company. He was tasked with taking a brand-new product to market, developing the appropriate online/offline material for what was a complicated solution. Jon has also enjoyed four years as a Senior Consultant working for two Edinburgh-based IT services companies. Jon is also an Executive Director of the Network Group – a collective of UK IT companies and MSPs as a peer group for collective buying power and sharing best practice.

The British Army has played a large part of Jon’s adult life. After working full time as an Officer (and some may say as a Gentleman), he moved to a varied career within the private sector and went on to carefully balance a full-time career with senior positions in the Territorial Army.

Service to others has been common to both areas of his working life.

The rich people experience also gained on both sides has taught Jon the value of integrity, example and commitment, along with the importance of trust and respect for others. These values are something he works hard to bring out in everyone that’s part of the GM team.

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Fantastical Fact File

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?
My favourite film of all time is The Shawshank Redemption, by a country mile. What a film, what a story. Watch the scene where the main character, Andy, finds Mozart’s Sull’Aria from The Marriage of Figaro amongst a stack of donated vinyl. He plays it across the prison’s PA system from the Governor’s office whilst the corrupt guards attempt to break-in and stop him… the collective reaction of his fellow-prisoners – and the satisfied look on Andy’s face in spite of the punishment he knows is ahead of him is sublime! “I tell you those voices soared higher and farther than anybody dares to dream. For the briefest of moments, every last man in Shawshank felt free!”

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
My daughter comes out with some incredible quotes or ideas about how life works that give me complete belly-laughs. I sometimes think our family has been transported onto the set of Outnumbered.

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?
Actually – for those who know me well, it would be whizzing down the mountain and enjoying a deckchair on the side of a sunny slope on a skiing holiday. Alternatively, I’d want to spend it with my family somewhere in a small, Italian hilltop town. In the sun, just enjoying the laid-back life and the simple but wonderful food – without having to cram in 101 cathedrals, piazzas and galleries in a day!

Give us one reason that you enjoy (or put up with) working for GM…
We have a clear plan of action and we’re all committed to, and work together to, achieve our plan… but things do change in life… and our team is amazingly adaptable to relish swift change when it’s needed and understood. I trust our team and they repay that tenfold.