After leaving school in 2012, Miriam worked as an Administrative Assistant for a local charitable business. Taking the bull by the horns, she then flew the nest from the Orkney Islands and moved to the Big City to study Events Management at Edinburgh College, completing a HND. Throughout this course she had various work experience, including being a Festival Assistant at an International Arts and Music Festival in Orkney.

Miriam takes on the role as Office Administrator and her pleasant, polite and helpful nature serves the Grant McGregor team and our clients equally well.

Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of something positive you’ve learned from working in IT.
Working in IT is a great place to learn as it is a fast-paced industry that’s always evolving and progressing. I think it’s great to keep up-to-date on this kind of knowledge as it’ll always be useful.

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?
There are so many films I love, it’s hard to choose just one! I’m a bit of a Harry Potter geek so that’s high on the list as well as other films from my childhood – School of Rock is a fave, and of course the Disney classics. I’ll watch most genres; musicals, comedies, dramas, but I can’t handle horrors! One film that I never tire of though and is up there with my favourites is Ferris Beuller’s Day Off – such a classic!

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
I love TV comedies such as The Office (US), Still Game, Friends & Brooklyn 99. In terms of comedians; Kevin Bridges and Peter Kay never fail to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch them! And of course, spending time with my family and friends always ends up in lots of laughter.

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?
I’ve been to two states in America, most recently California, so I’d like to explore more of that area and perhaps tick off a few more states. If not that, then I’d be happy to just rent a lodge somewhere beautiful in Scotland with my closest family and friends – bliss!

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next 5 years.
I’ve never had a driving lesson, so I should probably try that soon… But I’d really like to get into hillwalking a bit more and try and bag a few Munros – hopefully Ben Nevis one day!

Give us one reason that you wanted to work with GM…
The position at Grant McGregor was exactly what I was looking for as I knew I could use the skills I had already gained, but I could also further my knowledge and experience in such a varied role. I felt welcomed into the company as soon as I arrived.  It’s great to work with a close team in such a friendly environment.