Andy Moloney joins our team in the new role of Commercial Manager. His enthusiastic passion for cyber security, technology and developing the right services for clients makes him a great fit at Grant McGregor.

Previously, Andy worked at SolarWinds – a five year journey that saw him latterly in the role of UK Sales Manager working as part of a large sales team, within the confines of a complex corporate structure. As a client of SolarWinds, the team at Grant McGregor built up a close relationship with Andy and as time went on it was obvious that his talents and personal motivations were the right fit for him to join us.

Andy had admired our founding principles – people centric IT solutions, along with the way in which the business is operated – this made his jump to us a no brainer.

As a guitar player, keen photographer and chef, we hope that in a more relaxed environment, with strong but personal leadership and greater autonomy, we can harness his creativity allowing him to develop and launch new products and services that will keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Fantastical Facts

Give an example of something positive you’ve learned from working in IT.

That no matter how the tech evolves, ultimately, people still need to speak to each other. When you see it that way, it’s all pretty positive.

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. All of life is in there and you’re reminded that we’re all crazy in our own way. It’s also a great rebel tale and everyone likes a rebel, right? The book is also brilliant, same story told from an entirely different angle.

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?

Most of the stuff that came out of Bill Hick’s mouth. The rest was just the truth.

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?

Go and stay with friends in Barcelona or Berlin, walk the streets all day soaking up the amazing vibes of both those cities and eat amazing stuff in the evenings!

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next 5 years.

I’d like to finish writing one of the books or plays I’ve started so many times. I’d also like to get off the plateau I’ve got stuck on with my guitar playing in the last five years. That’s two things but I don’t care.

Give us one reason that you wanted to work with GM…

I’d known the team here for several years as they had been customers of my former employer. I genuinely admired the way they went about things and wanted to work in an environment with strong values and where people came first. I’ve gladly found that that goes for the staff and customers alike.