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Dan is a Senior Support Analyst and key member of our Technical Account Managers team at Grant McGregor. After leaving school in Cheshire at the age of 16, Dan worked for a Local Software company as a 1st / 2nd line IT support analyst. Here he dealt chiefly with Letting Agents up and down the country with general accountancy issues, software issues, PC hardware issues and generally managing the service desk for the company.

After a short period of time, Dan was travelling the country a few days of the month training staff at their offices in Property & Letting management. He would also deal with any outstanding hardware/software issues which had been raised before attending. Whilst working in this role, Daniel attended night school to further his knowledge in the IT world. During this period, he completed courses in website design and Cisco Enterprise Networking.

After a few years working for that company, Dan moved and went on to work for a large, national IT company where he managed multiple helpdesk arrangement for well-known organisations such as Trainline and the Welsh Government. Dan also trained other members of staff in their support roles. He is a keen and thorough service provider with great manners and tremendous empathy for end-users suffering from IT pains. His strong communication skills and naturally-helpful character made him ideal for providing IT support & Project Management to Grant McGregor’s clients


Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of some service you recently provided to a client that made them more than happy. More than usual…
I recently had a call from a user in a new client site that we’d just started working for. She had been experiencing a problem with her PC for some months but had just put up with it (the previous IT company in Edinburgh had said there was nothing they could do). I carefully coaxed the user to explain the issue and asked them the right questions which meant that I was able to narrow it down, quickly connect and fix the issue she’d been suffering – all within the space of an hour! For me, it’s a really great feeling when you complete a job for someone and they feel extremely happy and well looked after. Both of us were happy.

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?
My favourite film…that’s a hard one…but if I had to pick one it would have to be American Sniper. It just has a great story and I am such an avid lover of any kind of action film!

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
Anything really, I love all kinds of humour, dry, slapstick etc. My favourite comedians would have to be Eddie Murphy, Lee Evans and more recently Russell Howard.

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?
I would love to climb Kilimanjaro!  I love all outward bounds activities, especially if it challenges me physically and mentally.

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next 5 years.
I am currently trying to save for a house, so I would like to think within the next 5 years I will have a house somewhere in Edinburgh.

Give us one reason that you wanted to work with GM…
The main reason I wanted to work with GM in Edinburgh is because they are very professional but a very people friendly IT company too! They offer a service to clients which is unique – I can’t think of a company which I’ve worked for, or know of, that does what they do.