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David B

David is our Sales Executive/Business Development Manager here at Grant McGregor. And is an experienced Software Technical Consultant, responsible for advising clients on the right software products for their needs. David’s plain talking helps and supports people at every stage of the procurement and implementation of software and other IT solutions.

David previously worked for a leading IT training consultancy where he successfully managed the training needs for a range of corporate and government customers. These established relationships have helped Grant McGregor grow its already significant and valued customer base. As David dealt primarily with people experiencing IT-related challenges, he can fully understand and empathise with our clients’ needs.

One of David’s key skills is his ability to distil the detail of complex software products in order to convey realistic benefits and match his customers’ requirements. He is also experienced in advising clients on the best way to license, install, run and of course how to use their chosen software. David is a GFI Certified Professional.

Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of some service you recently provided to a client that made them more than happy. More than usual…
I enjoy helping clients get a resolution with IT issues that they have and, as my primary focus is software products, this happens regularly. One example is for a financial client in London having issues with a software roll out and they needed some urgent technical advice but hadn’t originally purchased it through ourselves. I always try and get swift help with support calls and logging tickets. As a gold partner we have more resources and access to specialist contacts than the end user so are more likely to get a resolution. I set them up with some direct help from our in-house experts first and we reached a quick resolution that they were happy with. Importantly the end user wasn’t frustrated in wasting any more time and was delighted with the ‘personal’ service we gave. I subsequently got a phone call from a new customer in financial services advising he’d been talking to that same client at a recent IT roadshow and that he’d recommended us heartily. IT is a small world, so I feel it’s very important to always go the extra mile.

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
Thinking back it’s the countless moments I have shared with my best mates during weekends away, nights out and holidays over the years. I’m sure I could write a book of the trials and tribulations and this always makes me laugh when I look back.

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next five years.
Generally-speaking, I’m looking to get back to being as fit (and as slim) as I was in my late teens and would like to round this off by doing a marathon. I completed a half marathon a few years ago now and that was very hard so I’m looking forward to testing myself further. It’s good to have a big goal to aim for that make the little goals on the way more meaningful.

Give us one reason that you enjoy (or put up with) working for GM…
I enjoy being trusted to work autonomously and the flexibility to make important decisions regarding my part in the business. Our office atmosphere is good with no office politics. I genuinely do feel we all want the same things from our work and there is a good balance. Mostly though, it’s the ‘win as a team, lose as a team mentality’. There are never ever any scapegoats made for things that have not quite gone our way and the directors always encourage us to learn from any mistakes, not dwell on them.