Gary Gillespie has joined the Grant McGregor team as a Service Desk Analyst. For Gary, computing is not just a job it’s his life’s passion – and to be able to share his expertise and knowledge to help our clients get the most out of their IT is the icing on the cake.

Gary has over 14 years’ experience in technical support – he comes to us having spent 5 years with Getronics, prior to that he was with Dell on their service desk for a further 7 years, specialising in laser printer support for the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

Gary knew that he had found the right place to work from the moment he walked into his interview – recognising that we were a different type of IT company, one that put people first. That’s something he has appreciated whilst joining our team.

Gary relishes the variety of work that he gets to undertake with us and is enjoying being part of the tighter team at Grant McGregor and we look forward to helping him progress his career with us.

Fantastical Fact File

Give an example of something positive you’ve learned from working in IT?
I think you have to have a passion for IT and people, especially if you’re on the front lines (client facing) and one of the most important things I’ve learnt is that no two people are the same.

You might speak to someone who is quite computer savvy, so you can be a lot more technical. But then you will also come across proper technophobes who barely know how to turn on their computer, never mind have a technical conversation.

It’s the ability to be able to adjust to the level of the person you are speaking with that is critical. If you’re unable to do this, then it becomes very difficult to troubleshoot and resolve the issue remotely and will usually impact the relationship with the client in a negative way. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the past who had “awkward” clients but in reality it was their inability to be able to communicate at the client’s level that made things awkward.

What’s your favourite film in the whole world and why?
I had this as an interview question and it completely stumped me at the time so thankfully this is a lot easier to answer now! I think I’d have to stick with my interview answer and go with Inception. In a way it’s kind of an alternate take on the Matrix as in both the question really is a case of, are you awake or in a dream? However, even after watching it a few times you’re still asking yourself more questions or picking up on new bits you missed before.

What makes you laugh heartily every time and why?
Jeff Dunham. Seen him live several times now and each time has been better than the last. Different kind of comedy and I’m sure not to everyone’s taste but is that not what comedy is all about?

If you had a whole week out to do something you really wanted and were given £1000 gratis to do it, what would you do and why?
It’s been a while since I’ve been away somewhere nice and sunny and the guys remind me almost daily about how bleak the west coast is (not that I need reminding as I live in the west!), so I’d probably head somewhere nice and warm. Caribbean sounds good!

Tell us something that you personally aim to achieve inside the next 5 years.
Well networking has always been a bit of an Achilles heel for me. I know the basics but it’s the kind of subject that can be difficult to pick up fully if you’re not actively dealing with that kind of technology all the time. So, getting more hands on in that field and gaining some form of certification is definitely high on my list of goals.

Give us one reason that you wanted to work with GM…
The role itself seemed quite varied. A lot of companies have tiered support, so it can become quite repetitive if you’re not able to progress from first to second line, for example.

Also, I was fed up of just being a number and you only need to spend a few minutes on the GM website to see that the company is very people focused.

Looking back now, no two days are the same. One minute you’re helping set up someone’s VPN, the next you’re on a client site trying to resolve a network outage. Also, I can safely say GM is definitely all about people! Everyone is very friendly and even the Directors are in the Service Desk office during the day asking how your day has been and how you are getting on.