Cloud Asset Management

Cloud Asset Management

FREE IT asset inventory management in Solarwinds MSP


Cloud Asset Track Screen


FREE IT asset inventory management – no, really – it’s FREE!


Knowing what hardware and software you have is the first step to being in control of your network. It saves time on support calls and makes life easier when you’re planning hardware refreshes and software upgrades.

With Asset Tracking in Solarwinds MSP you can see what you have at a glance, anytime from anywhere and it won’t cost you a penny… EVER!


The catch?


No catch, just easy to use free asset tracking forever… Simple


Good IT inventory management enables smarter decisions and reduced costs. Always knowing what you’ve got helps avoid wasting money; be it buying hardware you don’t need or not getting the best deal, as you rush through an order to meet business demand.

By tracking IT assets and keeping ahead of demand, hardware and software can be provisioned just-in-time for when it’s needed. Save yourself the time and expense of manual audits, or the hassle of coordinating audits across multiple locations, with real-time IT asset tracking in ControlNow Cloud.


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Key Benefits of Solarwinds MSP Asset Tracking


  • Free IT asset tracking
  • Visibility of all assets, off and on the network
  • Detailed hardware configurations and software versions
  • Remote access, where-ever you are
  • Saves time, cuts cost and frees up IT resources


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