GFI Archiver (MailArchiver)

GFI Archiver

Email Archiving Software and Compliance


  • Improve email server performance
  • Eliminate PST files
  • Secure email archiving for compliance
  • Easy search and restore of email
  • Instant access wherever you are
  • Identify business issues


Features of Product

  • Download a free trialReduce the load on Exchange Server, increasing competence and providing your users with a virtually limitless mailbox.
  • When you automatically archive your email history to a centralised, easily available store, there is no need to rely on weighty PST files.
  • Keep emails and documents centrally in a tamper-proof store to aid with e-discovery, compliance and internal investigations.
  • You can store emails and documents in a way that makes them easy to search and return to their original format.
  • Users can instantly find and regain missing or deleted emails and documents in the office or on the move.



GFI Archiver® (was called GFI MailArchiver®) is a high-quality archiving solution for Exchange and other mail servers, which is used by businesses worldwide to solve their email management difficulties. It provides secure, compliant storage for emails and documents, and helps Organisations get the most from their email history.

GFI Archiver helps administrators maintain an easily available archive of all business email correspondence, significantly improve server performance, eliminate the need for PST files and meet a rising number of compliance and eDiscovery regulations.

Make the most of your company’s most important information source – your email history.

GFI Archiver helps businesses get the most from the wealth of company information held in their email store by including MailInsights reports as an integral part of its email management solution. MailInsights reports can help you recognise possible security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by removing key data from your email archive. MailInsights reports highlight the weak spots in your company, leaving you to focus on your strengths.


Key Benefits of GFI Archiver

  • GFI Archiver (renamed from GFI MailArchiver or Mail Archiver)
  • Outlook integration, allowing for fast and easy access to archived emails by employees
  • Archive emails centrally for compliance purposes, eDiscovery and internal investigations
  • Back up emails in a way that they can be easily searched and restored in original format
  • Offload emails from MS Exchange Server and increase server efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance associated with PST files
  • Tested and proven: used by tens of thousands of IT administrators


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