GFI WebMonitor

GFI WebMonitor

Web Security, Filtering and Internet access control system





  • Internet monitoring, categorisation and web filtering
  • Web security to protect against malware & phishing
  • WebGradeTM Database coverage of 205m URLs
  • User and Site bandwidth monitoring
  • User/Group/IP based download control policies
  • Scan downloaded files with multiple anti-virus engines
  • Rich reporting available to IT and Management


Features of Product

• Download a free trialReduce time misused by employees online through the granular supervision of their browsing habits.

• Control downloadable file types, scan downloads using multiple antivirus engines and block known malicious sites.

• Fixed time and bandwidth thresholds, block streaming media, and gain via proxy caching

• Manage the use of social Network sites. The most popular site on the web is Facebook but is that not really where you want your employees spending their time on the internet.

• Gain financial rewards immediately by monitoring employees Internet usage


The Internet is one of the most useful resources in the office – but only if you can manage the potential concerns:

– Productivity losses due to employees spending time on sites with no relevance to Work related activities

– Security risks from unsecure sites and from genuine sites that have been compromised

– Bandwidth losses from Employees downloading large files or watching streaming media such as YouTube.

GFI WebMonitor boosts employee productivity by giving you complete Internet access control to monitor what users are browsing and downloading in real-time. Research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee Internet access is non-work related.

Internet monitoring software provides network administrators with the tools that enable you to monitor employees’ web browsing activities and to ensure that any files downloaded are free of viruses and other malware.

Key Benefits of GFI WebMonitor

  • Increase productivity by managing your employees’ web browsing habits
  • Protect the network from dangerous downloads in real-time
  • Maximise bandwidth
  • Effectively enforce an Internet Usage Policy and reduce cyberslacking – time wasted by employees online
  • Prevent data leakage through socially-engineered websites
  • Benefit from multiple scanning engines to scan for viruses and other malware.


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