GM Cyber Aware

GM Cyber Aware

Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Testing for Staff

Your current security layers still do not sufficiently address your weakest link: EMPLOYEES…

All it takes is one or two clicks…

Whether you have 5, 500 or 50,000 employees, you have the best security software your budget allows…but still your network is being compromised.

All it takes is one or two clicks by an employee to infect their workstation; allow hackers in; cause a ransomware attack; an expensive data breach; or worse, a cyber heist. Your current security layers still do not sufficiently address your weakest link: employees…

Traditional, once a year security awareness training just doesn’t cut it anymore. Attackers can bypass your technology and directly target your employees.

Today your people are particularly exposed to sophisticated phishing attacks so they need to be expertly trained. And, after the training, stay on their toes keeping security top of mind.


Create a ‘Human Firewall’

The only effective solution is to educate users and create a ‘HUMAN FIREWALL’. And who better to train them that the man was the world’s most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick.

Your employees will get comprehensive security awareness training that arms them against hackers’ social engineering tricks using actual attacks and live demonstration examples.

Other security awareness training programmes are drawn out, fragmented, and create a knowledge gap. You want effective training for your employees about the most important attack vectors now… not next week or in six months.

We specialise in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam; phishing; spear-phishing; malware; ransomware; and social engineering. And that they’re able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job.

Our cloud-based service with a choice of 3 levels allows us to manage, schedule and automate training campaigns for you. We will also schedule frequent, simulated phishing attacks and help prevent hackers from getting into your network.


Do nothing – and run the grave risks – or start training and testing your employees today!

Join the 1000s of users that benefit from professional training & testing services worldwide to keep their users on their toes.

See just how affordable it is for your organisation today… …and be pleasantly surprised!


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