Why get GM Cyber Aware?

Why get GM Cyber Aware?

Cybercrime is on the rise!

And your people are your weakest link!


Think your business is immune to Cybercrime? Think again?

Events over recent weeks and months have demonstrated the vulnerability of all organisations and individuals to Cyber ‘attacks’. However, many Small & Medium Business owners & managers still don’t believe they will be affected.


So what are the risks to you of doing nothing?

  • Business Paralysis via Ransomware and Encrypted Data
  • Significant fines in the £000s for data breach, leak or theft
  • Your company’s hard-won reputation lost in a moment
  • Loss of Productivity through IT interruptions and outages


If data is stolen from your computer network, e.g. Financial, Employee or Sensitive Personal information, Customer records, Confidential plans or Intellectual property, this would have a serious effect on your ability to trade. You could lose your customers’ trust and be fined by the Government (ICO).

Of course, you probably have some technical protection measures in place already. But cybercrime is ever-evolving and targeting human our weakness, curiosity and an overall lack of security awareness. It only takes one click to let the criminals in or to enable a ransomware attack which can have a devastating & paralysing effect on your organisation.


So what can you do to protect yourself today?

Ongoing cybersecurity awareness training and testing will ensure you create a strong and attentive ‘human firewall’ to add further protection to your valuable data and systems.

Our managed Cyber Aware service offers baseline, remedial & continuous training to improve staff knowledge plus ongoing testing to demonstrate improvement and uncover weakness.


With such a range of cyber attacks that are increasing in severity and frequency, the consequences of ignoring this growing threat are truly serious.

Protect your Business now and for the future with a strong and continuously-trained “Human Firewall”…

An ongoing program of training and testing in the latest techniques and counter-measures to combat evolving cyber threats is now a top priority for many.

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