WhatsUp Gold Premium

WhatsUp Gold Premium

WhatsUp Gold Premium

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective IT Management

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  • WhatsUp Gold Premium Software
  • From reactive to proactive IT management
  • One dashboard view
  • Affordably priced
  • A rock solid investment for your company


Features of Product

  • Download a free trialProactive monitoring of your networks and systems infrastructure and core IP services
  • One Web-based management console across WhatsUp Gold and its suite of plugins
  • 200+ reports providing real, actionable intelligence accessible through the Web console
  • Flexible, automated and comprehensive Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping
  • A management architecture built on industry standards (SNMP v1-3, TCP, ICMP, SSH)
  • The industry’s leading alert management platform for real-time operations support
  • Air-tight security and configurable role-based management (using Active Directory)
  • A platform that installs and is ready to use in minutes, not hours



WhatsUp Gold monitors, reports, alerts, and takes action on the status of network devices, the
system, and services.

WhatsUp Gold installs, discovers, and maps topology and network connected assets in minutes.

Leveraging SNMP v1/2/3 and WMI, it enables monitoring in combination with powerful alerting and notification capabilities to keep the network infrastructure running and you informed when issues arise. Intuitive web-enabled dashboard reports provide quick navigation to over 200 reports, documenting all device, bandwidth and application-related activity.

WhatsUp Gold ensures network managers have 360° visibility, actionable intelligence, and complete control to make smarter decisions faster.

Key Benefits of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition

  • Integrated wireless network monitoring.
  • Scalability and distributed polling architecture.
  • Integrated Layer 2 connectivity, mapping, and inventory/asset reporting.
  • One simple installation, one comprehensive dashboard view.
  • Larger embedded database for enhanced performance.
  • PowerShell/.NET scripting support for monitoring and alerting.
  • Support for formatted WMI counters and SQL query performance monitors.
  • Alert Center thresholds based on average CPU across multi-CPU systems.
  • Scheduling engine for maintenance tasks.
  • Bulk database operations.
  • Oracle SQL Support.


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