IT Analysis and Planning

IT Analysis and Planning

What exactly is it that you’d like to achieve, and why?


This is the critical question asked by our seasoned IT Consultants before even beginning to consider how best they can help you.

You see, it’s only by fully understanding WHY you want to improve the capability of your IT Systems and the context in which you’re making any changes, that we can provide the answers or solutions that are right for you.

Without this, any advice would be based more on what the IT consultant wants to provide to you – an all too common scenario!

If you want the kind of carefully considered, expert advice that will ensure your IT investments align with your broader priorities and goals, then invest just an hour with us.

It’s free. Plus you’ll learn first-hand if you feel our advice is the sort you can trust. Call David Lawrence today on 0131 603 7910 to arrange a free, 60-minute consultation.

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Some of the IT Analysis & Planning Services we can provide to you:

Analysis of Your Specific IT Requirements

An unbiased, independent viewpoint to offer breadth & depth when seeking solutions to meet your needs.

Budget Planning and IT Expenditure Control

Inventory, Renewals and Equipment Refreshment Planning to ensure your IT pounds are wisely spent.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Design of and testing realistic, effective disaster recovery plans and solutions.

Security Auditing, Solutions & Protection

Solutions for augmenting your systems security from encryption to security patch management.

Strategic ICT Developments

Review of and planning for specific ICT requirements aligned to your business objectives.

System Audits & Appraisal

Examination of your existing system design and configuration with suitable recommendations where required.