IT System Audits and Investigation

IT System Audits and Investigation

When is a system audit not a system audit?


When it’s a brief capture of basic information about your system with no analysis of what’s been observed, and no action plan for what to do next!

Most companies in the IT world can offer you a System Audit but the devil is in the detail. What’s the purpose of the audit? What’s the process and effort involved in conducting it? And, perhaps most importantly, what’s the valuable output from it?

If you think of it as an exercise with a specific purpose such as assessment of your back-up/recovery regime to uncover any shortcomings, then you’re starting well.

If it takes some human IT time and effort (and not just some clever auditing software) to speak to your people in order to gather information, then you’re getting some value.

And if the output produces some actionable information of real value to you then you’ve realised the true benefit of an IT Audit.

If you have a specific area of your IT network systems that you’d like to fix or improve, then give us a chance to tackle that one thing for you.

Consider it a test. We’ll audit it for free, and recommend a way forward so you’ll experience whether we can deliver on our promises. Call Jon Towers or David Lawrence today on 0131 603 7910 to arrange a free, 60-minute consultation.

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Some of the IT System Audits & Investigation Services we can provide to you:

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Assessment of software vulnerabilities and requirements for patching

Back-Up / Disaster Recovery Auditing & Testing

Assessment and testing of your disaster recovery solutions and plans.

Full IT System Audits & Appraisal

Examination of your system configuration with sensible recommendations.

Security Auditing & Protection

Configuration and maintenance of your system security to combat everyday threats.

Email Assessment & Protection

Analysis of how your critical email systems are configured for routing, filtering, continuity & protection.

Log File Monitoring, Scanning & Reporting

To aid with activity monitoring, compliance and forensic investigation.