IT Security and Solutions

IT Security and Solutions

IT software solutionsTired of IT salespeople looking out for themselves?

Our honest and clear guidance will help you get the right product at your pace – then our specialist experts are here to help you bring it to life!

If you’d like to work with technology-savvy people who possess a different ethos – where clients deserve the right advice on appropriate solutions for them – then we should talk.

Original Added-Value

If you’re looking for appropriate help and advice that’s borne of strong security and other software product experience, real know-how and some plain old-fashioned listening – then that’s basically the added-value we’ll offer to you.

We’ve been awarded Gold partner status by our software vendors, not because of our ability to meet sales quotas – rather because of our depth of product knowledge and the skills we’ve honed to bring the best out of our vendors’ solutions.

Our plain-talking, skilled, experienced people will help and support you at every stage of buying your software; from advising what might work well for you (or that our solutions may not actually suit you!), to the best way to license, buy, install and make best use of your software investment.

No point in having the right software tools if you can’t use them…

To understand how you can benefit before AND AFTER you purchase software or IT solutions, call us on 0131 603 7912.

Great Service – guaranteed

great IT serviceDoes ‘service’ sound like a quaint old-fashioned word from the annals of history? When was the last time you used any company and thought you know, they genuinely cared? If you feel that great IT is the least you deserve and that in fact it’d be appropriate to have someone who gives one there to help you as go along, we’d agree. Call us outdated but we put people at the heart of what we do.

When you work with trained, honest, real people set on doing things right for you and doing it in a straightforward, friendly way – you’ll never look back. We guarantee it.

So why not rediscover great service with us? Call us on 0131 603 7912.