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Workstation and server monitoring in Solarwinds MSP

Workstation and server monitoring in Solarwinds MSP

Monitoring in Solarwinds MSP gives you complete visibility into the health and performance of your workstations and servers anywhere, anytime, in minutes.

With its User-friendly, web-based dashboard Solarwinds MSP enables you to ensure all your workstations, laptops and servers are operating at peak efficiency. It lets you spot and address potential issues – such as disk failures and Windows® services disruptions – long before they impact operations.

Automated, customisable checks and configurable alerts put you in control of your network so you can remotely monitor and manage all your computers, including your mobile & home based work force.

Solarwinds MSP Monitor includes a number of pre-configured checks to make it easier and faster for you to monitor your workstations and servers, including:

  • Critical events – Check for any critical events that require investigation
  • Physical disk health – Check to analyse disk performance
  • Backup – Check to ensure no disruption in scheduled backups
  • Antivirus – Check to ensure antivirus definitions are current on all systems
  • Disk space – Check on available disk space
  • Windows service – Check monitors for Windows services disruptions

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Key Benefits of Solarwinds MSP Server & Workstation Monitoring


  • Sets up in minutes
  • Catches issues early, before they impact operations
  • Manages workstations and servers remotely
  • Maximises network uptime and increases productivity
  • Saves time, cuts cost and frees up IT resources



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