IT Security and Solutions


GM_062Symantec is a trusted supplier of everything Cloud.

TheirĀ  management platform helps our clients administer, monitor, and protect enterprise information resources more effectively.

Plus, their services allow us to manage a complex collection of technologies in a simple, more efficient and productive manner for our clients.

Symantec has over 15 products in their range.

They enable us to offer the kind of secure computing environment we all dream of. Within that they give us the power to enforce acceptable use and regulatory policies, deliver on-going access to critical applications & allow us to drive cost efficiencies for our clients.

Teaming up with Symantec we can make a real difference to the people in our clients’ organisations.

Why Choose Symantec?

  • Symantec Cloud enables you to Use the power of cloud computing to provide essential protection whilst virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software on site.
  • It provides a management platform that helps businesses administer, monitor, and protect business information resources more effectively.
  • A range of hosted solutions to assist your efforts in providing a secure computing environment and enforcing acceptable use and regulatory policies.
  • Plus you can deliver ongoing access to critical applications and drive cost efficiencies into your organisation.
  • Choose from 15 pre-integrated applications to help meet your business requirements especially as traditional boundaries of the workplace disappear.

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