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Enabling your business to thrive by creating better and safer places for you and your people to work.

Whether you're looking to take advantage of cloud services to secure your network or provide the very latest productivity tools to your team - our range of services and products can be tailored to meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

Enabling your business to thrive by creating better and safer places for you and your people to work.

Whether you're looking to take advantage of cloud services to secure your network or provide the very latest productivity tools to your team - our range of services and products can be tailored to meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

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Safer People

IT support
that puts
people first

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Add a high quality, award-winning IT team to your business at a fraction of the cost of employment!

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Fast and Responsive

Fast, responsive
IT support to get you
back to work quickly

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An IT Support service team that thrives on metrics and seeks rapid resolution first time, every time.

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Upgrade to an IT Partner

An IT partner
that works hard
to earn your trust

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Work with a mature, professional IT support company that will quickly become an extension of your own team.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Surprisingly affordable IT services that
don't cost the earth

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Our pricing is simple, transparent and great value for your money. Let us surprise you with a comparison quote.

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Overcome the fear of change!

You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly and thoroughly we can switch you over, and save you money, whilst making your IT more secure and more effective.

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What our customers say

5 Stars

I’ve been working with Grant McGregor for IT for a few years now. To say the switch over to GM was one of the best things we did would be an understatement.

From the Directors to guys on the help desks I enjoyed their friendly atmosphere and attitude to IT. More than 5 years later, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. 5 stars is the least I can give them. Highly recommended.

Steven Hawkins
General Manager
Mike Stoane Lighting
5 Stars

When I first reviewed your website & then visited your offices, I thought there was no chance we would be able to afford your services – and I’m not advocating a price increase – it’s just that other small/medium businesses may experience the same feeling. Yet, although we now invest more in our IT than before, we actually pay less for professional monthly IT support than we paid for poor service in the past! You provide a truly professional service with no nonsense all at an excellent price. Your services are exceptionally good value for money and I know that the investments we’re making in our IT now are adding the value to our business that we wanted. Absolutely happy to recommend you as it does not feel like an outsourced service to us. It has been an incredibly positive experience, long may it continue.

Maureen Douglas
Forster Roofing Services
5 Stars

From the outset, we agreed a transparent pricing structure which provided us with an upgrade in IT support and expertise, and whilst we’ve paid a premium for this, there are no hidden extras.  

Grant McGregor always exceeds expectations and deal with any query (no matter how seemingly ridiculous – and there have probably been a few in our time) in a quick and sympathetic manner giving real value-for-money.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Grant McGregor and look forward to many more years of much valued and appreciated IT support from them.

Rosemary Slipper

Essential Resources

If you’re thinking of switching IT support companies, read this guide first

One of the most important relationships your business can make is with its IT partner.

The pandemic has taught that lesson the hard way to many businesses. So much so, we’ve been inundated with new enquiries this last year.

So we wrote this guide to discuss the most common themes. It’s not about us - it’s about all IT companies and the things you should be looking for to ensure a healthy and supportive relationship.

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You’ll discover:

  • Why you want an IT partner that thinks strategically for you and in your best interests
  • The reasons business owners and managers like you switch IT support providers
  • How to protect the most important asset your business owns
  • And why you should be highly sceptical of all IT support businesses (yes, including us)

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Revealed: The 6 little-known secrets for getting a great service experience and real value for your money from your IT company…

This free guide will help you to clarify your IT requirements and find an IT Support partner for your business that is professional, reliable and affordable.

Our Expert Knowledge
Published Weekly

Is Changing Your IT Support Provider Risky?

Despite being very unsatisfied with the current level of service provided by their IT support, many businesses are reluctant to take their business elsewhere. Whilst some business managers believe changing IT support provider can be risky, what’s even more risky is staying with an existing provider that is failing to meet your needs and requirements.

Here at Grant McGregor we outline some of the myths regarding changing IT support and why it is riskier to stick with an existing poor provider.

26th August 2021

How much should IT support cost?

The old maxim that “you get what you pay for” is true in so many service professions. If you’ve ever hired graphic designers or SEO “experts”, you’ll know that they are not all created equal. While it might be less obvious in terms of IT support, it’s likely to be a much more critical relationship for your business.

Reducing costs and overheads is a vital part of maximising profit in any successful business strategy. Optimising budgets helps to add directly to the bottom line and is more easily controlled than the other end of the equation, i.e. creating demand and setting prices.

26th August 2021

How Long Does It Take to Switch IT Support Companies?

Switching IT support companies needn’t be a headache – provided your new IT support partner takes a programmatic and practical approach to making the switch. We explain why.

Here at Grant McGregor, we understand that the thought of switching IT support partners fills most people with dread.

How will everything transition over successfully? Will everything continue to work? What if there’s a problem? What if the new support company are no better – so we go through all that pain for nothing?