The Best Strategy to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attack – An Intro to Cyber Essentials

Think your Business is immune to Cybercrime? Think again!

Events over recent weeks and months have demonstrated the vulnerability of all organisations and individuals to Cyber ‘attacks’. However, many SMB Business owners & managers in Edinburgh, Scotland still aren’t sure where to start.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your organisation?

Act now! Taking some specific actions and measures to identify, control and counter the most common threats to your cyber-security will significantly reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of a serious, business-threatening attack.

By getting your company certified for the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme, you can protect yourself from the majority of cyber risks. At the same time, you’re preparing for part of GDPR compliance and you’re advertising to customers and stakeholders your proactive approach to security with this Government IT Security standard.

Grant McGregor’s various levels of Cyber Essentials Services can aid you in navigating the whole certification process to virtually guarantee you a first-time Cyber Essentials pass. Find out how our proven security expertise can help you to review the most common areas of risk to provide you with a tailored Security Action Plan.

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