We have worked with GM for many years but like many similar charities, our IT equipment was very old and the operating system we were using meant that our staff was having to convert e-mail attachments sent from newer software packages. Our old server was also at capacity. We wanted to move from paper to electronic record keeping but we needed to change our IT infrastructure so that staff had secure and fast remote access to centrally held information about service users.

We were fortunate to a secure some funding to upgrade our IT infrastructure, including new equipment and software packages. GM were able to advise us on how to get the maximum out of our grant and how to meet the increased need that our workers had for secure and faster remote access to the server. They were also able to improve our anti-virus and anti-spam software so that workers spend less time deleting junk e-mails from their in-box.

GM was more proactive and holistic in their approach than other IT suppliers that we looked at. They considered our plans for future development as well as our current needs. They also provided us with a range of solutions and alternatives rather than just pricing out what we had asked for and had obviously put a lot of thought into their proposal.

Overall, we feel GM have offered good value for money and been realistic and honest about what they could achieve within the budget we have.

We don’t have any in-house IT support roles and many of our staff have very limited IT capabilities so we often need very basic support and it is important to us that the team at GM are able to guide our staff using very simple and easy-to-understand language!