Care & Repair Edinburgh

Care & Repair Edinburgh conducted a review of our outsourced IT support services to ensure we were getting decent value for our money. We were also keen to use a local provider who could demonstrate a good understanding for our particular IT requirements. Our systems have been generally OK but we were aware that we needed help to ensure that our server & software was brought up to date AND within our modest budget.

We didn’t have any real problems with our previous IT Provider in terms of service. However, we did feel that the cost of any work outside their monthly contract was very expensive and the level & scale of the upgrades they had suggested seemed somewhat exaggerated and overkill!

With Grant McGregor (GM) the additional services rates are reasonable and the advice given on system upgrades is much more honest and realistic.   So, in terms of overall value, GM offered us a much better deal and much greater transparency. The changeover to them supporting us was very straightforward and any IT issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We’ve started working together on a major improvement project now and the options and suggested solutions are realistic for our needs, they’re very affordable and have been described in simple terms that I can fully understand. The non-techy explanations are much appreciated!

As well as this good value for money, I really felt that they demonstrated a real ability to listen carefully and to understand our specific requirements. I am more than happy that we switched to them as the relationship I have with them feels more like a partnership rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. They’ve already shown their technical ability in getting to the bottom of a particularly tricky issue getting email onto some new Android mobiles that we’d been having a real struggle with previously.

All of the people at GM are very easy to talk to and are skilled at listening and understanding the needs of individual clients. They’ve certainly met all my expectations and more. Whilst their contract support service costs are in line with our previous IT provider, GM’s IT service is more tailored to us and their non-contract project work is good value for money! I’m very happy to recommend them.

Graeme Tait

Finance Officer

Care and Repair Edinburgh Ltd