We needed a solution that would be manageable from a central location, that didn’t require distribution of local samplers or repeaters to gather information and that would also give us a comprehensive overview of our IT infrastructure.

I had used WhatsUp Gold before in another role. It is very impressive and the new components make it even more configurable to do exactly what you want in the way you want to do it.

The people at Grant McGregor Ltd provided excellent service throughout the procurement process before, during and after – I haven’t needed too much help yet as it’s still early days in terms of support.

Although, to be honest, WhatsUp Gold was a little troublesome installing initially. But with clear, helpful guidance from Grant McGregor, it is perfectly fine now.  As I said it’s still early days on the level of support we need and get as we are just getting to grips with what we have to monitor. However, the software is helping us to find things we didn’t even know we had!

We procured the WhatsUp Gold software from GrantMcGregor as they were the ‘best value’ supplier based on our procurement rules. But it was also a combination of cost, knowledge and sponsorship from the vendor as a valued and knowledgeable channel partner that gave the credibility endorsement we needed to purchase through them.

I would be more than happy to recommend Grant McGregor – they seem to know the product well and are very easy to deal with. Still early days in our relationship but the marriage of this product with Grant McGregor’s expertise is helping us to deliver support into our company better. The guys at Grant McGregor are all good guys and I urge you to keep doing what you do. It works well for us!

Joe Dolan