Forster Group Ltd


Forster Group’s previous provider of IT services was appointed on a fixed monthly contract for two years. During this time, regular contact was maintained, review and progress meetings completed in order to explore some of the ongoing IT issues that we were experiencing, and commitments were made – but were not realised.

Issues were broad and diverse in nature, ranging from unexpected server shutdowns, internet connectivity issues, software not being updated & general misinformation, e.g. routers were routinely replaced but the problems just returned. Users were completely disengaged to such an extent that IT was becoming obstructive.

Our staff had lost confidence and many days in lost productivity…

Dealing with IT issues became such a prominent part of our working week, I decided to explore the options within the market to find an IT provider that could deliver a reliable, honest service. Following a detailed research process Grant McGregor (GM) was selected, without doubt operating at a different level from the other providers we assessed.

Your team was able to unravel very quickly the noise and nonsense that our previous IT provider had spun regarding virus protection & backups. Your USP is that you operate differently from the norm to provide an enhanced service yet at a very reasonable cost. You take care in the details of your work and provide appropriate & realistic solutions.

With your professional branding, colours & website it really does seem too good to be true…

When I first reviewed your website & then visited your offices, I thought there was no chance we would be able to afford your services – and I’m not advocating a price increase – it’s just that other small/medium businesses may experience the same feeling.

Yet, although we now invest more in our IT than before, we actually pay less for professional monthly IT support than we paid for poor service in the past!

I can verify, & am happy to take any calls from potential clients, that you provide a truly professional service with no nonsense all at an excellent price. Your services are exceptionally good value for money and I know that the investments we’re making in our IT now are adding the value to our business that we wanted.

Absolutely happy to recommend you as it does not feel like an outsourced service to us.

It has been an incredibly positive experience, long may it continue.


Maureen Douglas,

HR Director

Forster Group Ltd