GlycoMar Limited started using Grant McGregor when we acquired another company that were using an SBS server; prior to that we had been self-supporting with 10-15 stand-alone desktop and laptop machines, a mixture of Macs and PCs, and some cloud services. Following the acquisition and transition of the server we had tried to use IT support available in our local area, but this was woefully inadequate.

As a laboratory-based R&D company IT is central to everything we do so we had to look around and opted to work with Grant McGregor Ltd. This was because they demonstrated a high-level of personal service, strong commitment to us and competitive pricing – an unusual combination these days!  Two of the Grant McGregor technicians came on site and within just two days had integrated all of our desktops and laptops onto the server, provided an effective backup and disaster recovery solution and resolved many historic problems. They had the flexibility to integrate all of our existing machines so that we didn’t have to buy a lot of new hardware.

The support they provide has enabled full integration of our office & lab applications making us more efficient and more productive. In the past we always tried to fix things ourselves, now we just call Grant McGregor, who respond promptly and fix things very quickly. As Managing Director it gives me great confidence to have a robust IT Support service in place, and removes a lot of the headaches I used to experience.

All my staff has found them very pleasant to work with and we are very happy to pay for on-going remote support. In short Grant McGregor were able to fix our immediate pain, by integrating the two companies onto one system, and their support service minimised longer term pain arising from IT problems.

More recently GM has installed a new server to replace the now obsolete system. This was done in the same efficient and professional manner, with minimum fuss and minimum down-time, and we have been completely happy with the end result.

Grant McGregor is one of those rare service companies, who keep their promises, employ good people to work with, provide excellent & flexible services and all at a realistic price for a small business. The fact that we are geographically quite distant has made absolutely no difference to GM’s ability to deliver.

Dr Charlie Bavington

Managing Director

GlycoMar Ltd