K TWO Products

KTWO Products is a small but growing Edinburgh company.  We design, produce, import and sell gift stationery to the retail and consumer market largely within the UK.  Because our scope is wide, our IT systems have become more complex as the company has grown.

Before we started working with Grant McGregor, we literally stumbled along using the IT services of a one-man operation.  It soon became apparent that this couldn’t provide the daily and on-going support which our growing company needed and for some time we lurched from one IT crisis to the next wasting many man-hours in the process!

What attracted us to Grant McGregor was the promise that they would provide a professional IT support service fully resourced to grow and adapt in line with KTWO.  Our remit was simple; we needed a robust IT infrastructure which offered all the necessary security and backup alongside proactive advice on system development, but we were also keen to retain a local link with designated partners to manage and support us on a daily basis.

We’re now into our third year with Grant McGregor during which we’ve had an office move and a replacement server.  For both of these events, we’ve been delighted at the professional, no hassle approach that’s always evident.  Everything is taken care of in a non-obtrusive, quietly efficient way leaving us to get on with what we do.  They continue to fulfil their remit giving us the reassurance that our IT systems are in trusted, safe hands, and when we do have reason to contact them for help and advice, it’s dealt with quickly and (thank heaven) without any technical jargon!

At the outset, we agreed a pricing structure which provided for an upgrade in support and expertise, and whilst we’ve paid a premium for this, there are no hidden extras.  Grant McGregor will always exceed expectations and deal with any query (no matter how seemingly ridiculous – and there have probably been a few in our time) in a quick and sympathetic manner giving real value-for-money.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Grant McGregor and look forward to many more years of much valued and appreciated support from them.

Rosemary Slipper, Director