Linstone HA

It’s easy to complain about poor customer service but rarely do people highlight good customer service therefore I thought I would take the time to bring to your attention the high level of service Grant McGregor recently provided to Linstone.

We feel that you really went the extra mile to assist us, that Paul was extremely conscientious and provided a high level of support resulting in email being restored in a timely fashion.

Further to this Iím sure you are aware of how easy it is to become consumed in a support issue and customer communication can slip as a result. However the fact that you took the time to keep us informed and provided updates when there was something of significance to report on was really appreciated from my perspective.

From wider experience, this level of support service is pretty rare – not so from Grant McGregor and so Paul, particularly, deserves a huge amount of credit for the assistance provided.

Iíll leave it to you to make him a cuppa on our behalf.