Marketing Edinburgh Ltd

When we embarked on the journey to find an IT support company to work with us we could never have imagined that the outcome would have had such a positive effect on our business.

Our existing system was definitely a ‘challenge’ and no one here knew enough to be able to provide any information on the set up or the changes to the system which had been made over the years.

From our preliminary meeting with Grant McGregor things just felt right immediately and the feeling was that we could work with them confidently. How right that initial feeling was!

In common with most companies, we rely heavily on our IT infrastructure and need a responsive and reliable system. Prior to working with Grant McGregor our system was sluggish and complicated. Within a very short time, Grant McGregor had carried out a full audit of our IT structure and recommendations on improvements had been made resulting in a much more reactive system.

Alongside the changes to our existing system, Grant McGregor assisted hugely with our recent office move.  Again a number of recommendations from the team at Grant McGregor were adopted during this project and the move and migration of data was seamless.

It is worth mentioning  that even late on our move day – the Friday before Christmas – a number of the team came along to assist with the final stages of the set up so staff here could access systems before finishing up for the holiday. This was above our expectation.

Every step of the way we have had total confidence in the team at Grant McGregor and we are looking forward to a long and productive relationship going forward.

It is certainly our pleasure and a privilege to work with Grant McGregor.