Messier Bugatti Dowty

Our facility is a multi-function site that carries out manufacturing, R&D, Design and back-office functions for a global organisation with global clients. Our 1,200 staff rely heavily on their IT systems and we host 24×7 systems for the global business and our global client base. We needed a robust, easy-to-use system that would give us a high-level view of our infrastructure and provide us with historical data on its availability, as well as providing us with a one-stop view as to any problems or issues so that we could react quickly.

I used WhatsUp Gold in a previous role and have always liked the clean, simple interface and the simplicity of the installation. The recent additions of Application Performance Monitoring and WhatsVirtual mean that it provides us with a one-stop solution to all our infrastructure monitoring needs.

Using Grant McGregor as a knowledgeable WhatsUp Gold Partner has proved to be a great choice. From first contact they have been professional, experienced and yet friendly and approachable. They obviously have an excellent relationship with Ipswich and an intimate knowledge of the product set.

Their people are, in a word, fantastic. My main contact Rob is conscientious, follows everything up, always keeps us informed as to what is going on, & regularly calls me up to check on how things are. He has smoothed our route to implementation and go-live (& an unplanned disaster) so much so, that the whole event seems to have passed by in a flash.

Grant McGregor came across as wholly professional, and as an organisation that could be trusted to deliver on their promises. Rob’s easy going manner and his friendly, yet professional approach to the sale certainly convinced us that we had made a good choice.

Everything has gone smoothly, from pre-sales evaluation through negotiation, procurement and installation right through to the un-planned rebuild. We have not had to go down the formal support route yet, partly because the product is so robust and the documentation so complete, but also because of the solid foundation that the constant support we got from Grant McGregor during the evaluation gave us. We certainly got ahead of the game.

I can certainly recommend WhatsUp Gold as a monitoring tool and wholeheartedly recommend Grant McGregor as a supplier. Throughout Grant McGregor has provided friendly, efficient and professional advice and guidance, which, coupled with a thorough evaluation of the product allowed us to seamlessly transition from unmonitored, through evaluation to fully monitored in less than three months.

David Cockbaine – Infrastructure Architect, Messier Bugatti Dowty (Gloucester)