Mike Stoane Lighting

Mike Stoane Lighting had been with the same one-man IT provider for 15 years but our growth was not being matched by his support or his skills. However, for me there were still two big issues standing in the way of making the change to a new IT Provider;

The first was fear: fear of the unknown, fear of change (is it better the devil you know?), fear of losing the personal service being with a ‘one man band’ type IT provider offers and the fear of becoming ‘just another client’ for a larger IT firm.  Also we feared that there might be continuity problems related to the change-over or security problems created by bad feeling from the old provider (could he damage or compromise our systems if he didn’t take the news well?)

The second issue was more sentimental. This would be replacing someone that we’d developed a personal relationship with over many years. Though we knew in our heart of hearts that what he provided was no longer what we needed now or for the future, it was still difficult mentally to make that break.

In the end we decided that we had to put the company first over personal feelings and, in order to overcome the fear, we had to have the vision to look beyond it and see the benefits.  The meeting we had at Grant McGregor’s offices really put my mind at rest on most of the fear issues and their first step of our IT audit process covered the rest. It also highlighted key areas where we could make positive and essential system changes which were undeniable and much less expensive than we’d anticipated.

We certainly found that Grant McGregor reassured us throughout but they also backed-up any claims they made with clear evidence and help mitigate our fears about switching – their discretion, the clear plan they provided to migrate us over, their genuine client references (all good) and a 90 day money-back guarantee that gave us the final confidence we needed.  Once we made that critical decision to switch, a lot of the fear issues simply disappeared!

We’re now totally confident that they can handle any of our IT issues.  The next positive step for us is working closely with them to plan and develop our IT systems in line with our ambitious business growth plans.  If only we’d addressed this sooner!

Emily Alston, Director – Mike Stoane Lighting