Pexel Ltd

Pexel is an outbound call centre doing market research globally and we have a lot of temporary/casual staff. We use a hosted SaaS application to input data as a core part of the job. All staff must have access to it, and sometimes to other sites depending on need so they can do background research on companies, look up company contact details etc. The reason we needed a web filter/monitor application was to control this internet access and prevent it being abused.

I’d received some flyers in the post for WebMonitor and other GFI products from Grant McGregor. Initial impressions were that it looked like a mature and stable product which was widely used. I decided to ask David from GM for more information. Initial contact was very helpful and reassuring and I got the impression that he and the company were there to provide any help necessary to get the most benefit from the trial. I had several queries about how to install/setup the system and more queries during the trial and all were answered with a minimum of difficulty.

We opted for the GFI WebMonitor solution mostly because of the product itself – the fact that it did the job we wanted with the least fuss. Price was a fairly big factor too and we were pleased that there was scope for flexibility there as budgets were very tight this year and IT/tech is not always seen as a high priority spend.

I found WebMonitor very easy to install. I’d had the benefit of installing in trial mode but even in production mode it was straightforward. We haven’t used product support since we installed it though during the trial I did raise quite a few questions with Grant McGregor which were answered very satisfactorily and helped me along smoothly.

I’m very happy to recommend the guys at Grant McGregor who were very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. They made an effort to understand the needs of our company and were able to use that understanding to help us achieve exactly what we wanted to with the product.