Societe Generale

Why Societe Generale Equipment Finance UK went with GFI FAXmaker from Grant McGregor Ltd….

Three years ago we made a decision to move from regular fax to an electronic fax/email solution. In those three years we’ve tried a variety of fax software and resellers, on each occasion the results were unsuccessful.

Then we got in touch with GFI Gold Partner, Grant McGregor, and their FAXmaker expert helped us to successfully evaluate GFI’s FaxMaker solution and subsequently organised the licences.

We also purchased installation services from Grant McGregor and one of their team walked me through the whole process remotely. From the start everything went smoothly and the lead time from purchase to implementation was very short and satisfactory.

The software solution provided has been nothing short of perfect, very much an install and forget about it bit of kit. On the one occasion where we were having an issue, GM organised quick-response support and the issue was dealt and resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

Overall 5 out 5 stars and a big thanks from the Operations team at SGEF UK. Thanks to the Grant McGregor services team. I look forward to dealing with them again.

Ben Rybinski, Business Support